The Sunday after our car accident was supposed to be a Friendsgiving celebration. Unfortunately, our friends were left to fend for themselves and each person had to eat a party size portion of their offering (green bean casserole, ten pounds of sweet potato, etc.). I had made the desserts and had the genius idea to drop them off at my friend Ryu’s that Saturday night before dinner.

As we now know, this was a wise decision since I ended up in the ER that night. I am also the type of person that would have been in the ER thinking about no one being able to enjoy my pumpkin pie slab or pecan pie cookies had I not dropped them off. These are Libby problems. I may not be able to move, but you better believe I will rescue my baked goods.

So, this is my delayed Thanksgiving post. I had high hopes for this – pilgrim themed props and all. Life doesn’t always go as planned, so the following is an update on my progress, the holiday, random life ramblings, and the recipes. It’s been a little more than a week and I am already up and moving better each day. I have my pain pill routine down to a science and I’ve mastered the one hand hair wash.

I had lost my appetite, but have yet to miss a meal. There was a day this week where I suddenly couldn’t eat fast enough. I was sitting in the doctor’s office reciting the entire menu of Cafe Patachou. What began as a craving for tomato artichoke soup quickly escalated to the Hippie with a Benz omelette, toast, and salad.

The ten ribs will eventually heal on their own and I had my stitches removed from my face last week. I’ve been using Aquaphor on the scars and I will know what it will look like in a year. My only concern right now is my clavicle, the shoulder bone on my left side, since it is broken and extremely painful. I have been tasked with arm exercises and a hip new dance called the ‘broom’ in an effort to avoid surgery. Winston thinks I’ve lost my mind, but I’ll keep praying and moving my left arm in crazy circles until I get the all clear.

My 30th birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year, which is especially appropriate since I’ve never been so thankful to celebrate another year. It was the perfect low-key day of food, writing thank you’s, and responding to an overwhelming number of texts, calls, messages, and emails. I have never felt so loved. I hit the jackpot with my family and friends.

My parents have been amazing this past week as they took care of me. They got a little break to go home to Fort Wayne and my boyfriend’s mother came to the rescue. While the circumstances aren’t the best, our daily ‘adventures’ to my doctor’s appointments are the highlight of my day. She makes the most mundane tasks fun and she’s hilarious. Laughter is not the best for my ribs, but we consider it respiratory therapy. She also stocked my refrigerator with a treasure trove of delights from Kincaid’s. Bacon, steaks, chicken salad, twice baked potatoes, pot pie….she knows the way to my heart.

Now for the title, ‘Don’t Hassle Me, I’m Local.’ I debated sharing what my birthday gift from my boyfriend was, but it made me extremely happy, so here it goes. As background, my top love language from the 5 Love Languages is quality time. Gifts = 0. I love to give gifts, but I do not like to receive them. He has the same love language: high on QT and low on gifts. So, he nailed it with the most thoughtful gift I have ever received.

Yesterday I opened a box with a message that said we are going to take a ‘vacation from our problems,’ along with a shirt that says, ‘Don’t Hassle Me, I’m Local.’ The reference is from one of my favorite movies, ‘What About Bob,’ and our trip will be in a few months when I have hopefully recovered. He gets me. I am already counting down the days until I get to wear my Bill Murray/Bob Wiley ensemble complete with socks and boat shoes, of course.



Recipe via Sally’s Baking Addiction 

I cut out little stars instead of leaves, so get creative with your cookie cutters. This was so easy to make and is a great way to feed a large group. Or in my case, leave 25 servings with your friend Ryu.






I found this recipe through a blog I follow called, Baked Bree. She sends a weekly email every Friday with a recipe and fun links. These cookies were also left with Ryu, so I am not positive of the verdict, but I had one before I dropped them off and I thought they were good! It’s a fun take on pie, but easier to share and transport in cookie form.






I also made Martha Stewart’s classic Libby’s pumpkin pie recipe for my dad. The food processor is hard enough to battle with when all of your ribs and arms are working. Let’s just say, I had to rest for awhile after making the pie crust. I couldn’t have my Dad eating store bought pie! Martha also made it with Andy Samberg, of SNL fame, so here’s the link for a little Andy in the kitchen. “It sounds like Libby’s really knocked it out of the park.” – Andy

Teaching my Dad how to roll



I will make a great soccer mom one day





A little delivery from my brother – Ina makes everything better
So loved by my friends – funfetti cake from Kim


My Kate Spade birthday coat. Winnie was not as amused.


Xx, Libby (and Winston too)


  1. Prayers for your continued healing Libby! Loved what you said about reciting the menu of Cafe Patachou in the doctors office. So funny! It remains my favorite restaurant even though I’ve been away from Indy for many years.

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