Growing Up: Libby Being Real Part II (and then back to the food!)

I have had to do a lot of growing up over the last two years. I’d like to consider myself a driven person; focusing on internships (eleven total), trying to make my parents proud, and navigating this crazy world to find my place and where I fit in. At some point, my focus shifted from an emphasis on my career to an emphasis on health and love. I touched on the health issues in my last post and as nervous as I was to hit publish, I immediately felt like a cloud had been lifted. I had owned up to it. I don’t need to be ashamed to have this funky thing that sometimes makes me feel lightheaded and gives me the worst migraines ever. I am also more forthcoming with my friends. I have had countless lunch dates where I am trying to listen to what they’re saying, but I am really thinking, ‘Don’t fall over. Why does my head hurt so much?’

Some people have asked me why I moved last summer, but most have asked mutual friends of mine instead. So, here it goes: I needed a change. I had to take control of my life, my health and take a chance. STL was that chance. I found out a lot about myself and I don’t regret anything. There is nothing in my life that I regret and that is the best way to live. It made me realize that I only have control over myself. You can only be your best self and at the end of the day, as long as I am proud to be me, then I am a success. I have felt like a failure more than once in the past year – I ended up freelancing and feeling unstable and unsure about the future, but I have a family that loves me and each obstacle thrown my way proved that I can make it through to the other side. I am more than capable at anything I apply myself to and coming back to Indy reminded me that the friendships and professional relationships you cultivate are worth more than anything.

I didn’t love my job in STL, but I also don’t think you should enjoy every work experience. Those are sometimes the most rewarding. And I am proud I didn’t quit until I moved back to Indy. I also have some amazing friends I left in STL. One is a rockstar entrepreneur, has a knack for accidents involving cabs, and always brightens my day. Another is someone I instantly knew I would be best friends with – she studied political science too, she has the best fashion sense, and a huge heart.

So, here’s to the future! Whoever is lucky enough to win my heart, will learn the many quirks of Libby Simmons. You must ask if I want Dairy Queen when approaching a DQ. No need to always stop, but I appreciate the ask. I do this thing where I put my hand on my hip like a teacup when I pump gas. I’ve tried to stop. I once answered the phone during an internship and said ‘Karl who?’ It was Rove. I told John McCain my dress had pockets. I was ten pounds when I was born. I love cars – my first car was a 1987 190E 2.3 with bullet holes. I know every make and model of Mercedes. I still wear clothes from high school and nothing makes me happier than anything inherited from my chic grandmother. My love language is GIVER. My level of giving is off the charts. Be prepared for bundt cakes, greeting cards, hugs, and my compulsive need to help. I google everything. There is no excuse in the modern age to not find the answer and as long as I stay curious and keep learning, I am happy.

Growing up can be painful, but I am confident there’s something pretty amazing waiting for me around the corner. One of my best friends in DC shares quotes with me and I am constantly saving instagrams and sharing them with her too. Here are a few of my favorites and hopefully you can relate to part of my story. Everyone’s journey is different and that’s what makes life worth living.



I love Indy!


Thankful for this guy, who makes everyday an adventure!


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